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– Prepare an option as requested at the end of the case in the bullet points and show the thought process behind the creation of that option. I specifically want to see how you utilized the D4G questions or the Art Thinking Pillars.

Format Requirements-You have a written paper showcasing your option.

Written-I am not giving you a required length but please understand that 1-2 paragraphs will not suffice. Use formal grammar, I don’t care if you use apa, mla etc. List any websites that you used to compile information for the analysis.

– Watch each of the youtube videos below. After watching each video select 2 of the 3 companies (Samsung, Volkswagen, Harley-Davidson) and do an analysis of:

Corporate Culture of each co

Competitive Advantage for each co

Stock Market Performance of each co

Comparison and Contrast between the 2 cos

You will need more than the videos to do this assignment, the videos are just to give you a short intro to each company. Please research by going to the companies websites (you may have to do google translate) if you have visited any of the companies use your experience to help build your analysis. For stock market performance you will need to go to yahoo finance to gather information.