writing about Christopher Durang

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writing about Christopher Durang; 5 pages, double space

  1. Address the following questions as they apply to your artist: How/Why is this person/group important to theatre and comedy? How has their work changed, enhanced or influenced the theatre and comedy? What has been the legacy of their work or what are their future projects? Provide biographical details, but don’t turn this into a biography report, focus on the work and how their background(s) has shaped that work. Look at critical reviews of their work.
  2. This is a research paper – research it.
  3. Your paper must have a thesis statement that you will investigate throughout the paper. Use quotes to support your arguments and statements.
    1. The first section of the paper is the introduction. Present your thesis and what you plan to investigate.
    2. The body: The next several sections are where you present the research that supports your thesis statement. This is where you can discuss two – four productions/plays/designs.
    3. The conclusion sums up what you have deduced based on the critical research you have conducted.
  4. Citations: Include a citation page following MLA format. This is an additional page and does NOT count towards the page/word count requirement. This is a research paper, therefore, you must list the works you cite. It is expected that you will have at least three critical works/critical reviews/news articles/ essays in addition to the artist’s work. If you have questions about the validity of a source (particularly a web source) please check with me.
  5. Some tips: Do not use first person. Avoid repeating yourself. SPELL CHECK and GRAMMAR CHECK your paper. Don’t use quotes in your opening paragraph. Like the Pecha Kucha, make sure your paper has a flow. Avoid generalizations and blanket statements.

please no wikipedia resources