writing a four pages response paper and a 150 words discussion

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  1. Watch the movie “Get Out,” directed by Jordan Peele.
  2. Read Sylvia Wynter’s article, “Unsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/Freedom.” You can find it under “Content.”
  3. Submit Response Paper 2 and Discussion 2 by the end of Sunday, December 30.

[Evaluation and Grading]

This Composition (C) course requires a minimum of 20 pages of writing. For the longer paper, a process of

revision with instructor’s feedback is mandatory. At least 60% of the course grade must be based on writing.

All the writing assignments should be written in MLA format, double-spaced. The font should be Times

New Roman, 12 points. A delay will cause a reduction of credits. The grade breaks down into the

following sections:

Response Papers: 75% (5 x 15%), 4 pages each + a list of cited works

Response papers are the short written responses on the literary and cinematic materials. Students may

choose one or several from the indicated materials and engage with it/them deeply. They can also engage

with the films and literature from the former weeks. The response should include a paper title, a clear

research question, logical and well-structured analyses, examples from the indicated materials or daily

life, and a list of cited works. The response papers should be turned in on those specific dates marked on

the tentative schedule. The paper will be submitted via the Turn-it-In system on MyCourses.

MyCourses Discussion: 25% (5 x 5%), at least one post that contains 150 words

This is a weekly discussion considered just like your participation in usual class meetings. It takes place on

MyCourses, under Discussion section. Every week, the instructor will raise one question. Students are

required to participate the discussion by leaving at least one post that comes with more than 150 words in

total. That means, students will have conversations together by replying to each other’s thoughts as well as

adding new elements. They can stay in the discussion and leave as many posts as they like.