Write Four Poems

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Poetry Project

  • Four poems; the portfolio of poems must include:
    • At least one form studied in this unit:
      • Shakespearean sonnet
      • Petrarchan sonnet
      • Ode
      • Pantoum
    • At least three techniques studied in this unit:
      • Symbolism
      • Irony or ironic tone
      • Allusion
      • Litotes
      • Allegory
    • At least three techniques reviewed in this unit:
      • Imagery
      • Metaphor
      • Simile
      • Personification
      • Oxymoron
      • Hyperbole
      • Alliteration
      • Assonance
      • Rhyme scheme and meter
  • The portfolio of poems must show understanding of the
    • Line manipulation and enjambment
    • Use of stanzas
    • Use of white space

Before submitting your project, do a
final check, using this checklist:

  • Do you have a collection of three to five poems?
  • Is at least one poem is written in a form that was
    explored in this unit?
  • Have you used at least three advanced techniques
    learned in this unit?
  • Have you used at least three techniques reviewed in
    this unit (either sound techniques or figurative language)?
  • Have you established tone in each poem?
  • Does a theme come through in each poem?
  • Have you completed the self-reflection document?
  • Do you have a title page?
  • Is everything spelled correctly?
  • Is the presentation correct?
    • 12-point font size
    • Single spaced with 1” margins
    • 3 to 4 pages

Each poem on a separate page with a title