Write about sth you, lifestyle, or thoughts that stereotype. You need to list 3 sub groups that contradict with this stereotype and what ppl think, to prove that is wrong. Explain how this stereotype is wrong because you’re a part of being this group

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I would like to write about Asian stereotype topics, but if you have a better idea I’ll be Ok.

Introduction : introduce the stereotype

– Thesis : far too general

– Forecasting : List 3 sub groups ( given a name of each group ). These 3 groups would contradict that stereotype, to prove that it is wrong

Body Paragraph : describe these 3 people group that contradict the stereotype ( How they look like : jobs, hobbies, work, behaviors, traits, characteristics,..). They represent something that are different.

Conclusion : Summarize lesson learned.

* I also post some essay example that I expect my paper should be followed, so take a look pls because it will help you better understand the requirements.