write a draft on study design and data collection tool?

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1) Study Design and Settings. Write about how you will select and evaluate the current situations or knowledge of your target population with regard to your objectives (Using quantitative or qualitative methods). Also, provide detailed information about your target population and your “n” the number of people you will survey or interview. (One page)

2) Data Collection tool. Write detailed information about the kind of data collection tool you will use according to your chosen research methodology (information about surveys, dependent and independent variables-for quantitative, OR information about questionnaires, focus group, observations, etc-for qualitative) If you use a Mixed method, provide a good rationale for its use. (1-2 pages)

Recommended: It is also recommended that you TEST your Data collection tool (within the next 3 weeks). Remember, the collection of ACTUAL DATA will be implemented and analyzed in BAS 491. But a pilot TEST will help you obtain detailed information that will strengthen your Final Proposal.