write a current events issue and also a reading/video response

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1.Each week, you will be responsible for posting a “Current Event Issue” for class discussion. This should be a political topic, a pop culture issue, or something that has been debated in social media. It should someone be linked back to our course. The goal is to recognize how gender is omnipresent in our lives as well as stimulate discussion. Make sure to (1) post a link to the news article and (2) write a minimum of 250 words to respond to the issue. Make sure to clearly explain how the current event issue links to our class (course concepts and topics). Your written response can be both a short summary and also why you think the current event issue is important for us to know about (a little argument/opinion here).


This is a theoretically based course that includes a deep engagement of the reading materials. You are responsible for writing weekly reading responses that critically engage with the week’s readings. I am interested to learn how and what you are thinking about. While I will pose questions to guide you, your response is not limited to them. I encourage you to think “outside the box.” How are the ideas you read applicable to your life? What issues resonated with you? What were some concepts that you would like to challenge? Question, interrogate, argue, and reflect upon what you have read. These responses should be a minimum of 500 words that demonstrate you have (a) read the assigned weekly readings and (b) are able to apply new concepts and vocabulary. Also try to respond how video and reading correlates in some way.


Meckler, L., Schmidt, S., & Sun, L. H. (2018, October 24). Trump administration considering “different concepts” regarding transgender rights, with some pushing back internally. Washington Post.



Transgender Teen Jazz Jennings Begins New Chapter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA5n9YW4MVk