Write a Case Study Analysis report on Amazon.Com.

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Attached files (Guidelines for Writing a Case Study Analysis.pdf, Writing the case study.docx) contains guidelines for writing case study analysis using the given case study (Amazon.com.pdf)


. 4-5 pages exclusive of cover, abstract and reference pages (total of approximately 8-9 pages)

• Pages must be numbered

• Tables, charts, graphs and images are all welcome but are NOT included in the page total

(although they will frequently contribute to a good grade!)

• Cover page must be APA compliant

• Separate abstract page

• Separate reference page

• 12 point Times Roman font

• Double spaced with 1” margins

Note: Please take a look into the attached files for guidelines and the given case study topic. Case Study Analysis should be written following the attached guidelines and using the given case study topic (Amazon.com.pdf).

Let me know if you have any questions.