write a business homework about organic supermarket-two pages 500 words

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This week, you learnt about some models:

  • In the lecture, about three models: WISPA, DENTS, ROAR
  • In the seminar, how to analyse research compiled into ROAR and classify each point as plus or minus for a biz, and if it is P, E, S, T

Now you must do your own research!

Please do your research:

  • Using the techniques you learnt last term in the EES module
  • Specifically, how you learnt in the lecture of Craig McEwan in week 8 of EES
  • Using the databases, and specialist journals and newspapers found in the library

Please do your own research as your assignment in a six part analysis

Six part analysis:

  • Complete CIGAR
  • Complete WISPA, including the sentences of S
  • Complete DENTS, i.e. the P of publications
  • Search the sentences in DENTS, i.e. databases, newspapers etc, and find answers
  • Compile the answers into ROAR – 30 pieces of information and answers
  • Allocate each to P, E, S or T, and also plus or minus, i.e. good or bad for your biz
  • Plus and minus summary for P, E, S, T, based on the totals!
  • Conclude whether it’s an attractive market?

WISPA, DENTS, ROAR, CM Morrison 2017