Write a 1500 paper about three planets with APA references

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Potential Life-Harbouring Worlds in our Solar System

Use the information in the course videos, discussion articles, and other scientific resources to discuss three planets or moons in our Solar System that have evidence that they may be able to host life (other than Earth).

For each of the three planets and/or moons answer the following questions:

Describe the scientific discoveries that have led scientists to think that this planet or moon could support life.

What types of conditions do scientists claim to be on the planet or moon?

What is the evidence for their claim?

How strong is the evidence? Is there a large body of evidence that this is true or is it still controversial?

Your assignment should have a brief introduction and conclusion.

Assignments not addressing these specific questions will be significantly reduced and may not be accepted.

You will be marked on how well you use evidence from scientifically valid sources (e.g. articles from your discussions or other scientific articles) to make your arguments. You should demonstration your understanding of the unique features of this world and how life may have lived there in the past or lives there now.

Total Word Count should be about 1500 words (about 500 for each planet or moon).

You may use APA, MLA, or any other consistent academic format for citations.