Wk 4 Assignment: Informatics Solution Proposal: Areas of Evaluation

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Assignment Content

  1. Select two products from the category you identified in Week 3. For example, if you selected EHRs, then identify two specific EHR products.Determine a minimum of five criteria with which to evaluate the functionality of the two products and describe these criteria. Consider:

    • ease of use
    • clarity
    • time

    Format your assignment as one of the following:

    • 350- to 525-word paper

    Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources, and develop an APA-formatted reference page.Note: References may include product websites or other reputable sources in addition to peer-reviewed resources. Faculty approval is required for sources other than peer-reviewed resources.Submit your assignment.

This assignment piggybacks off of the Week 2 and 3 assignment you assisted me with.