what new ideas you gained that added to your understanding of ACS and the ICT profession, 3 event reports. 200 words each

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Events run by the ACS, in your state, present an excellent opportunity to add to your understanding of current and future ICT issues, the ICT profession and the ACS. You can also network i.e. meet people who might be interesting or useful to know, especially in future employment. Use this ACS Professional Development (PD) Events Forum to report on the ACS PD events you attend during PE or which you have attended earlier in your Professional Year.

You must report on at least three events as part of the requirements for PE. You may report on ones you have already attended before commencing Professional Environments and your internship. The events you select can be any event offered as an ACS event that attracts PD hours. It does not include events by third parties which are simply promoted via the ACS. You must have pre-registered for the event via the ACS Events website and you must have completed the sign in sheet provided at the event. 

Each report needs to include details of your registration to the event including date, the speaker(s), and the topic that was presented. You then should describe in a further 150-300 words:

  • what new ideas you gained that added to your understanding of ACS and the ICT profession,
  • the relevance of the material to your internship or future work (whichever is the more relevant),
  • the networking with ACS members and others you did at the meeting.

Please note that these must be your own thoughts as a result of experiencing the event and not just be a repetition of the topic outline. Remember, as with all your work, you must not plagiarise.

I will provide the details of the events.