what is cognitive development?, assignment help

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This week the reflective journal topic addresses cognitive
development. Observe a student in your class or business environment to
determine his/her cognitive development. If you are not in a classroom, try to
observe an individual in an educational setting to determine his/her cognitive

Criteria: The narrative this week has four items or
questions. Please copy and paste the framework into your journal so that you
will address all components of the narrative.

Write a narrative about these four questions or items.

(1) What did you notice about the individual’s cognitive
ability (performance)?

(2) How did you assess the individual’s cognitive ability or

(3) How was the lesson structured to meet the learner’s
cognitive needs?

(4) How did the lesson take into account the individual
students’ academic strengths, interests, and needs along with enabling the
student to advance and accelerate his/her learning to meet his/her potential

Directions for Writing the Narrative

  It is expected
that you will write a 1 to 3-page scholarly journal article answering the
questions and using the information from the papers to support your ideas;
please support your ideas with a theoretical rationales.

  Please make sure
that you have the appropriate citations and a reference section: APA citation
style is used for scholarly educational papers. Knowledge and acquisition of
scholarly writing will enable you to write an excellent action research paper
required in your degree program. Purdue OWL guide can assist you. Please refer
to the rubric under ‘Rubrics/Grading Criteria’.