​Week 6 | Discussion: “Slide Designs and Visual Aides

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Week 6 | Discussion: “Slide Designs and Visual Aides

“Slide Designs and Visual Aides”

Select ONE of the following:

  1. Consider the importance of visuals in connecting with an audience. Discuss a moment or experience in your life when a picture, drawing or other visual had a significant impact. Consider whether the same impact could have occurred if you heard about the image rather than experiencing it visually.
  2. Find a poorly designed PowerPoint slideshow and share it here. Give a short summary that identifies the problems and make suggestions on what would improve the design.

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Peer’s Discussion (Response Needed)

Willett Burch

RE: Week 6 | Discussion: “Slide Designs and Visual Aides”

A poorly designed PowerPoint:

1. wordy and boreing: Use less words

2. Font analysis: choose a font that fits your style, big enough for audience to see, yet small enough that it does not use all your space.

3. Spelling: always spell check your work.

4. Excessive bullets: use bullets four key points only.

5. too much data: only use data that pertains to your topic.

6. Bad color schemes: never use clashing backgrounds.

Resource: Don McMillan: Life after Death by PowerPoint