Week 5: Rhetoric, Group, and Organizational Communication Theories

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All provided materials must be utilized (pages from books and links). Please read the Aristotle file first for the instructions. There are three Blue links that must be reviewed to aid in this topic (one is a lecture and the other two are book links).

This topic asks: To apply Aristotle’s proofs of ethos, logos, and pathos to a speech by the famous movie actor (and National Rifle Association supporter), Charlton Heston. I’m interested to hear how persuasive you think he is! Aristotle Rhetoric lecture

Use both your book and the clips from Aristotle’s Rhetoric to answer these questions:

1. How does Heston establish his good character (ethos) with this audience?

2. How and why does Heston insult his audience? Who is this audience? What are their likely political views in comparison to Heston’s?

3. What pathos strategies does Heston use with this audience?

4. See if you can find these “logos” strategies:

– Comparison

– Enthymeme – a form of syllogism, with one or more steps left out

– Examples

– Quoting famous people

5. How well do you think Heston uses ethos, logos, and pathos?

6. Is there anything about his “delivery” (Canon 4) that strikes you as particularly effective or ineffective?