Week 5 presentation

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Assignment Content

  1. Social change can require a large movement or a small intervention, depending on the type of change you are trying to implement. This assignment helps you apply what you have learned this week to a situation in your community where social change may be necessary.
    Review the Microsoft® PowerPoint® resources to enhance your presentation.
    Create a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on social change in your community.
    Include the following:

    • A description of a social problem in your community
    • Examples include graffiti in parks, destruction of community property, property theft, parking violations, speeding, improper disposal of pet waste, and improper landscaping.
    • A theoretical perspective on social movements to apply to this problem
    • Include a description of how this perspective proposes to address this problem and create social change.
    • The possible social influences or agents for change to address the problem in your community

    Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.