Week 1-Premise, Prospectus, Proposal, and Dissertation

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As you begin the dissertation process, you may become overwhelmed
with the numerous steps you must take and the variety of documents you
must write. For example, you may ask: What is the difference between a
premise, a prospectus, and a proposal? When and how do I create these,
and who needs to approve them? And, most importantly, how does this
entire process relate to my dissertation?

This week’s resources provide you with much information on the
dissertation process that may answer many of the questions you have.
For this Discussion, you and your colleagues discuss your understanding
of the dissertation process based on what you have learned in the
Learning Resources. Record any personal questions about the dissertation
process that remain unanswered at the completion of this week’s
Discussion. You will have much opportunity to ask your questions
in-residence during Week 10 of the course.

Write an explanation of how
completing a dissertation fits into your program of study, and
identify at least two potential benefits of completing your
dissertation. Explain how the successful completion of your premise,
prospectus, and proposal will prepare the groundwork for your
dissertation. Finally, list one question you would like to have answered
about the guidelines in Walden’s Dissertation Prospectus document.


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