WCM 610 Southern New Hampshire University how Does Sipoc Help Analysis and Diagram

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Everything needed is attached including responses please remember that you need to make a chart as well like the people in the responses have I have labeled the charts based on the responses for example “chart 1” etc.

This is a group activity. For more information on groups, please see About Group Work.

First, watch the video SIPOC: Suppliers Inputs Process Outputs Customer. Additionally, be sure to review the DEFINE Supplementary Document, MEASURE Supplementary Document, and ANALYZE Supplementary Document.

Next, evaluate your selected final project case study in order to deconstruct it into each element of the SIPOC diagram, which will enable you to analyze present performance and identify needed improvements. Create your own SIPOC diagram using the PowerPoint SmartArt tool and post it to the small group discussion.

Address the following in your initial post:

  • How does the SIPOC diagram help you analyze your final project case study?
  • How does the SIPOC diagram relate to the Define and Measure phases of your case study?
  • How do you think you might apply SIPOC to your organization’s conflict or the Garden Depot case study, to increase your ability to analyze?

In your response posts, be sure to reply to each of your classmates in your group. Work with your group members to establish similarities and differences in your SIPOC diagrams, coming to an agreement over what the final version will include. Be sure that one member of your group posts the final version to the small group discussion.

Apply what you have learned in this workshop to your Milestone Two submission in Module Five.

To complete this assignment, review the Small Group Discussion Guidelines and Rubric document.