Walden University Marketing for Competitiveness Discussion

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1. For this Discussion, read the Chopra case study article and review the readings on logistics.

Prepare your answers to the following questions, making sure your response is cohesive and well-reasoned:

  • What are the characteristics of businesses that can succeed with same-day delivery?
  • What are the potential trade-offs when companies consider this type of service to offer to their customers?
  • What factors related to innovation would increase the likelihood of success and why? In formulating your response, consider the following along with any other factors that you think are important:
    • Does home delivery reduce any costs?
    • Is the location of warehousing facilities important?
    • Can multiple customer orders be bundled together (urban versus rural market)?
    • Is the inventory mix important (e.g., simple or complex)?
    • Are there transportation or technology advances available?

2. For this Discussion, you research how new technologies are influencing current marketing strategies. You examine current campaigns and identify emerging trends using this week’s resources, your research, and your own personal and professional experience.

Prepare the following, drawing on your own personal and professional experience if possible:

  • A description of three organizations and/or companies you identified in your research that, in your experience, effectively integrate innovative technologies into their prospective marketing strategies, and explain why these innovative technologies are effective
  • An explanation of how these innovative technologies are affecting the market share of each of the companies you identified
  • An explanation of how these technologies are changing the way consumers evaluate the company’s offerings and the purchase decision