University of Technology and Applied Sciences Non Profit Organization Paper

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strategic marketing for nonprofit organization

Report about:(Oman Association for the welfare of handicapped children )

below is the Instagram link for the the non profit


The objective of this Project is primarily to help you integrate the material that you have learned from the lectures, cases, and readings in the course and relate this material to your other courses.

The issue:

NPO organization required to develop multiple marketing strategies which attracts donors, volunteers, and target customers. With the growing age of technology internet marketing become fundamental tool to achieve the marketing goal. NPO’s are increasingly turning into the internet to rise fund, improve relationships, increase their advocacy efforts, and keep their public well-informed. However, not all NPO’s are taking full advantage of these online resources and opportunities are inter alia lack of expertise.

The task:

In this project, you must assess the online presence of the chosen NPO through (which does not have an online presence or not effectively using the online channels)

Provide a brief introduction about the selected organization (with reference and citation) (2marks)

1. Analyzing the online marketing tools used by the organization? And identifying the level of effectiveness? (2marks)

2. Identify the drawbacks/weaknesses which the organization has in the online channel? (2marks)

3. Compare the organization with other local/international organizations? (SWOT analyses) (2 marks)

4. Your own creative recommendations and suggestions which show the effective use of marketing tools to activate their online channel? (You may suggest a new website design, new online material design, the way how social media content can be managed)? (7marks)


1. No more than 4 members in one group

2. Creativity part should be shown in point number 4 in a practical way