University of Miami Marketing Essay

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From frequent flyer miles to hotel points, companies of all shapes and sizes use loyalty programs as a method of gaining metrics. Database marketing can significantly improve a company’s profits by creating loyal, repeat customers.

Many companies have successfully used database marketing over the years including companies in hospitality, financial services, insurance, and even retail. Select a company that is either a leader or a laggard in one of these industries and compose a 7-page minimum (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1″ margins) paper with the following:

-An overview of the industry

-An overview of the company

-Introduction of the loyalty program and how it works

-Discuss how the company uses database marketing/loyalty programs and metrics in its marketing strategies

-What are some KPIs the company uses?

-What else could the company do to improve their use of database marketing based on your readings and research?

Step 1: Pick any company that has a loyalty program…preferably one you participate in. Choose a company you feel loyal to and participate in their loyalty program.

Step 2: Describe the program and explain how the company uses their database to manage their loyalty program.

Step 3: Lastly, provide any recommendations on how they could improve their program based on your readings. Cite your sources.


You can choose to take a deep dive look at the metrics behind one of the Superbowl ads from this past Superbowl 2020-2022. Choose any commercial that resonated with you and then find KPIs that are being measured and analyze it. Be sure to look at:

-Introduction of the company

-Intro to the ad that was created (and by which agency)

-Discuss how the company used metrics in its advertising strategies

-What are some KPIs the company used to measure success?

-Did the ad work? What were the results?

-Did sales go up after the ad aired?

-Were there lasting effects of the ad on social media after it debuted?

-Look at the timing of the ad and when it aired, etc.

Compose a 7-page minimum (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1″ margins) paper and submit to this assignment.