University College London Social Media Marketing & Brand Development Paper

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Brand development – using social media to launch a new brand

Based on your work developing a new brand for Indysk8, write an individual 3,000-word critical illustrated report answering the following questions:

– Launching a new brand has many challenges. Outline what some of these challenges are, and what steps brand owners can take to overcome them. For example, what research should they carry out, and how?

– Using social media channels successfully can be a critical success factor for new brands. What advice would you give to a brand owner considering using social media?

– Explain how your team used branding theory/practice to develop the Indysk8 campaign.

– In today’s world, how important are ethical and sustainability issues for new and emerging brands and what considerations should brand owners make?

In answering the above questions, you should draw on relevant branding and advertising theory, case studies of new brands and brand launches together with your work on the live brief for Indysk8.

Your report structure should include the following:

· Introduction

· Background to your live brief

· New brand challenges and key success factors

· Using social media effectively

· Indysk8 campaign

· Ethical and sustainability issues

· Recommendations

· Conclusion

Not included in the word count: Appendices, References (Harvard style)