Unit Discussion

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Answer the questions of the Case: AIRBNB MAXI-MAXI Strategy


In 2008 Airbnb was officially launched as an alternative to hotel rooms. The company encouraged people with spare rooms to rent their space to individual travelers when busy events were taking place and where hotel rooms had sold out. There were some challenges along the way, with many negative stories online, and as a result, new policies and greater guidance have since developed, building a strong and recognized brand.

As the business model was successful, Airbnb adopted the SO ‘Maxi-Maxi’ strategy, focusing on its brand’s strengths and identifying opportunities to move into new markets.

They realized business users were adopting Airbnb for business travel. There was an opportunity to adapt the individual leisure traveler product to the business market. Executing the Maxi-Maxi strategy required investment and changes to address the needs of the new market: 

Third-party booking tools, because the person making the booking is not always the person traveling

Self-check-ins for late arrivals

Business-friendly receipts noting all tax details

One-click expenses so that charges are immediately billed to the company, not the employee

Focusing on business requirements, including Wi-Fi, laptop-friendly workspaces

  • Group trips, so teams could easily identify suitable accommodation
  • Promotion on the website

Airbnb’s website claimed that over 250,000 companies have now used this facility.

  • Case Questions
  • Can you think of an example where an organization has expanded to harness its strengths?
  • Did this work or were changes needed at a later stage?
  • Requirements
  • Respond to every aspect of the discussion prompt with originality.

Demonstrate exceptional familiarity with the text and topics being covered, and utilize text/PowerPoint references. Must incorporate terms and concepts from the text and materials in order to receive full credit for the assignment.