Unit 4 project masters course.

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After reading SARS in Toronto, in Howitt and Leonard, Managing Crises, pp.
75–130, complete the following Assignment:

Write a critical response (5–7 pages) to the SARS case study outlining how the
performance of emergency workers could have improved by incorporating answers to
the following questions into your response:

  1. What challenges for operational capacity did Toronto’s SARS crisis create
    for the region’s public health and hospital systems? In what ways were these
    challenges similar or different from those created in the aftermath of the
    09/11 Pentagon attacks?
  2. How did the SARS crisis affect non-health emergency responders?
  3. In your opinion what should jurisdictions outside of the Toronto area have
    been doing as Toronto’s SARS crisis deepened?
  4. In your opinion, what implications does Toronto’s experience with SARS have
    for jurisdictions preparing for future incidents of emergent infectious
    disease or contagious agents dispersed by bioterrorists?

Your response should:

  • identify all eight of the effective courses of action for improving an
  • illustrate how the eight courses of action were implemented in this
  • assess how well the eight courses of action were implemented in this
  • recommend how emergency workers could have implemented the eight courses of
    action differently for better success