Unintentional Injuries and Violence Participation

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Step 1. Go to youtube.com.

Step 2. In the Search box at the top, type in the word Personal Safety

Step 3. Find a video that you want to learn more about that talk about Personal Safety, not just the first one that shows on the screen and has the most hits.

Step 4. Repeat. Find a total of five different videos that you want to learn more about dealing with personal safety.

Write a minimum of four sentences on each video. Explain in your own words what the video is. Include the title of the Video

Each Video you watch and write about is worth 2 points. Total of 10 points possible


Title: Campus Safety

Fox news showed several different ways to stay safe on a college campus. The clip showed statistics on college life from drinking assaults to how women are assaulted, to who is being targeted.Expect showed how to correctly use pepper spray and how to use it as a weapon if it does not spray. Also showed what women should be doing while they walk around campus and things to look for. The video is a great way and a reminder that women especially need to watch their surroundings and be proactive.