UBCO Problem Solving Report Factors Essay

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Problem-Solving Report Assignment: Employee Retention

The Problem:

You are the Vice President of a software company, Bootz. In the last quarter, you lost about 10% (40) of your employees. Your last employee satisfaction survey shows that employees left because they weren’t happy with their managers.

The President wants you to write a report that analyzes why you are losing employees. However, she does not believe that the leadership team has a great impact on employee retention. It’s now your task to convince her about the important role that leaders play in retaining employees. You must also suggest 2 ways to fix the problem.

Please write a 1-1.5 page report with the following sections:






Submit your answer in a Word document (or you will not receive comments)

Use 12-point font in Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria or Arial

Do not plagiarize – include all your sources

Paraphrase instead of using direct quotes

Include at least 4 online sources (2 sources for each paragraph in the Research section)

Ensure your sentences are under 20 words

Include a title, headings and subheadings

Use simple and familiar language

Make your recommendations very specific and concrete

Use transition words to connect your sentences

Put the subject and predicate at the beginning of your sentences

Make sure your sentences and bullet points are parallel