Troy University Marketing Management Discussion Questions

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Think about the major innovations that have impacted your life. Use the Internet, talk to friends, coworkers, and family, watch TV, visit websites, or use any other source of information to pick one innovation that you can thoroughly analyze using the five steps model discussed . Be sure to cover each of the five steps:

(1) Fit: How well does your innovation fit the needs of its target consumer?
(2) Time: How did the timing of your innovation’s launch contribute to its success in the marketplace?
(3) De-bias: List three possible biases that management needed to curb before your innovation was launched.
(4) Act: What action plan was used to bring your innovation to the market for the first time?
(5) Grow: How has your innovation grown since its first day on the market?

Please follow the document (the examples for discussion #2 ) which I uploaded to write this discussion.