Trade Agreements and the Depression, business and finance assignment help

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1. Read the below listed articles and write a
short paper on the impacts of trade agreements in APA format.

Website: World Trade Organization: Regional Trade Agreements
For the short paper assignment in this module—as well as the final project—you
will need to research countries’ involvement and membership in trade

Click on the RTA
link on this page to start your research. This page lists all
regional trade agreements by country/territory and criteria. Starting with a
country is the easiest.

Library Article: NAFTA-ization: Regionalization and Domestic
Political Adjustment in the North American Economic Area

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is the most important trade
agreement for the United States. This article examines the impacts of NAFTA on
member states, especially Mexico.

APA format, address the following:If we compare the two deepest recessions in
history—the Great Depression and the recession of 2009—they both had a huge
impact on the economy, but both of them were handled very differently by
governments. The policies governing trade after the 2009 recession were more
forward-looking with a clearer view of how trade works and what needed to be
done to restart the economy.

How do you think the United States, Europe, and emerging markets such as China,
India, and Russia handled the recent recession? What were some of the policies
enacted to help the global trade and global economy?