Topic 2 DQ 3 Comment 5

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***Comment ths***

My executive summary assignment will be on the topic- preventing the caregiver’s injuries. Nurses experience work-related musculoskeletal injuries despite the numerous strategies developed to reduce caregiver harm and injuries at the workplace. My idea for quality improvement proposal is to increase the use of safe patient handling equipment and their proper way to reduce work-related injuries. Studies provide evidence that the implementation of safe patient handling and mobility programs in acute care hospital units and rehab centers have positive outcomes in reducing the caregiver’s injuries (Choi, &Cramer, 2016). Even though there are annual competency evaluations and education, nurses are not utilizing them to the full potentialities. As a result, we have experienced an increasing trend of caregiver injuries at work lately. I believe increasing the number of user-friendly safe patient handling equipment and providing ongoing education motivates staff in utilizing the equipment properly in our unit. As a result, injuries are prevented.