the ways that the internet has completely changed the way that people relate to one another, assignment help

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Need an 8-10 page double spaced research paper in APA format by Saturday at 8PM Eastern. Please use the outline below to create the paper. Please use 8-10 academic sources, including the ones provided below.


The purpose of this paper is to
determine the ways that the internet has completely changed the way that people
relate to one another and the way that life is lived with other people.

Since the invention of the internet
there has been a rise in more international communication and there has been a
trend towards dehumanizing others. How the pros and cons weigh out in this
situation is the examination of this paper.

The thing that makes this subject so
important is now more and more people are learning that they are not able to relate
to one another and many problems like mass shootings are coming to use from the
lack of people being able to relate to one another.

II. Pros and Cons
of the Internet

Life now has the ability to move at a
much faster pace as it is possible to communicate with anyone in the world
quickly and easily.

Now the world has an international
marketplace and that means that it is possible to shop for deals all over the

Now that people are interacting with
computers more than people they are forgetting their social skills. That means
that there are many people who are very confused about how to interact with one

There has been a rise of depression,
lack of wellbeing, as well as a rise in mass shootings since the rise of the
internet and percolation of information.

III. Conclusions

After looking at all of the literature
and the research it is very clear that there needs to be a balance of life
online and real life interaction. People need to make sure that they have a
balance of life.

In summary while the internet has made
life much more easy it has also created some new set of problems. It is very
important to make sure that there is a balance.

There needs to be new research into the
effects of the internet and the effects of the virtual environment. One thing that
is not clear is how it is affecting daily interaction and how it is making
people disassociated from each other.

IV. Resources

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the Internet
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