The Right to Counsel

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You are a guest writer for a legal aid blog. You noticed in the comments
that several people have asked questions about right to counsel and whether or
not they have a right to counsel based on their situation. To address this
need, you decide to write an article on the topic. 

Analyze two cases involving
right to counsel and refer to these cases in your article.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word
article about right to counsel that addresses the following topics:

The aspects of right to counsel for the cases

How the historical development of right to counsel
relates to the cases

When the right to counsel attaches to criminal
procedure for the cases

Whether the defendants in the cases exercised their right
to self-representation

The role of the attorneys in the cases as it applies
to right to counsel

Format your article
consistent with APA guidelines. 

Do Not Use to many in-text citations to try and fill the word count.