The Most Wanted Paintings on the Web, assignment help

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1. Research Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid’s groundbreaking series, “People’s Choice,” from 1994

2. Review all related background information (“Introduction”) on the following website:

Komar & Melamid, “The Most Wanted Paintings”

3. Pay special attention to the scope and goals of the projectview “The Paintings” and “Survey Results,”.

4. Read through the various “Letters to Komar & Melamid” (along the left, in red).

Write a three (3) paragraph minimum response addressing the following questions and post your statement to the Discussion Board on our Blackboard site; then reply to two classmate’s postings.

What are your impressions of Komar & Melamid’s “survey” and their findings?

How does America’s taste differ from that of other countries? How are they similar?

Do Komar & Melamid’s findings align with your own tastes and preferences in art?

Do you see any problems with their approach or methods?