The changing status and experience of African Americans, Essay for History Class help

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Write a response to the following essay topic. Make sure that you answer the question that is asked. Do not ignore the focus of the question as you write on a topic you pick. Make sure to use evidence from the book.



Write an essay which explores the changing status and experience of African Americans, women or the working class in the United States from Reconstruction to the present. Pay attention to how that group worked to change their status in the United States since the late 1800’s, and if their efforts to achieve equality have been realized.


The key to this question is identifying what that group did for themselves, not what was done to them. Don’t concentrate on government policies or the actions of the economic elite. Focus on the experience and actions of the group itself.


This is to be a complete essay (Introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion). Start out by finding quotes you intend to use, then evaluate and organize your quotes. Once you have decided which quotes you intend to use, write topic sentences for each quote. Once you have the outline of the argument, write an introduction. Go on to fill out each paragraph (following the topic sentence you set up the quote you will use. After the quote, explain how the quote supports the overall argument. Then write a conclusion to the entire essay). All quotes should come from the book, and please include a page number to identify where each quote came from.

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