The Alexandrian Influence, history homework help

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The Alexandrian Influence

The early sunlight casts an unusual glow through the room while you are sitting vigil by the deathbed of your master.  In an eerie cast of light, everything in the room is bathed in a soft morning glow as you see his face drawn into its final repose.  Alexander the Great has died.  This significant figure in the lives of so many individuals has drawn his last breath.  You cannot believe how someone so young and vital could be cut down in the prime of youth with so much left to accomplish.

You are a servant of Alexander the Great and have risen to be a close confidant and aid to this dynamic leader.  He has requested you join a top group of aides that will wait with him as this strange illness seeps the life from him.  Chronicle his life, complete with his major accomplishments.  As you reminisce about his legacy, what are some of the great things that this remarkable leader and ruler were able to accomplish?  Discuss.  Do you fear for his amazing kingdom without his visionary leadership?  Elaborate.  

4-5 pages typed, double spaced

12 point font