Technology trend, 10-15 content slides – APA Guidelines enforced, health and medicine homework help

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Technology Trends Proposal Presentation

10-15 content slides – APA Guidelines

Make the topics relevant to your technology

Utilize meaningful diagrams, graphics,
videos, SmartArt

Explain different types
and uses for technology.
What implementation
costs and purchase methods can be evaluated?

Delve into the impact of this technology
on health care: Anticipated effects, Evaluation strategies, management’s role,
support of quality initiatives, potential for growth. What is innovative about

Describe privacy and security risks and
what safeguards are in place to prevent or mitigate them

Explain the need for education and
training for
using this

Use critical thinking to incorporate
topics addressed in class. How do you go about selecting and acquiring the
system? What’s involved in the implementation? How often will the technology be
evaluated and upgraded for relevant use? What is the lifespan of the technology
and is it worth the investment? If so or not, why?

Please include speaker notes and references.