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You just got a job with a new start up law firm. Two lawyers, Dawn
and Karl, are starting a practice, planning to work in civil litigation,
family law, criminal law, and estate planning. They hired you as the
paralegal. Dawn has been working in a large law firm. She already owns
an Apple laptop she has been using since law school, an Apple smart
phone, and an Apple IPad.

Karl is a Microsoft fan. He worked for a small law firm and used a
computer running Microsoft Software, linked to a server, printer, and
scanner. He does not like multi- function machines that do copying,
printing, and scanning. He thinks the firm should have a very good
scanner with software, and that they are better than multi-function

Dawn and Karl are asking you to evaluate hardware and software based
on your text readings and on what you can find online. Take a look at
your state’s bar association website (or that of a different state) and
the ABA website and see if they have technology lists and
recommendations. Look at law office technology articles or blogs.

Dawn and Karl have asked you to recommend the initial hardware and
software to buy. Your budget is $10,000, but you may spend less. Use and
cite at least five different sources. Most of all, show your own