(TCO E) Mr. Andy Gray had been injured in a car accident 5 years ago that left h

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(TCO E) Mr. Andy Gray had been injured in a car accident
5 years ago that left him paralyzed from the waist down, and confined
to a wheelchair. Mr. Gray had been a skilled electronic technician for
many years prior to his injury. After 5 years of living off the damage
payments he received from the auto accident and Disabled Social
Security, Mr. Gray decided to go back to work. He applied to XYZ
Computer Company for a job assembling their product. The problem was
that XYZ relied on an assembly line to produce their product, and Mr.
Gray could not access or stand at the assembly line to work on producing
the computers. XYZ declined to hire Mr. Gray. Mr. Gray then filed a
law suit, claiming that under the 1990 Americans With Disability Act,
XYZ should be forced to abandon the assembly line operation and assemble
the computers at individual cubicle work sites where someone in a wheel
chair could work. The computer company’s lawyer rejected this request,
noting that abandonment of the assembly line would cost the company
$175,000,000 to restructure, and increase their computer production cost
by 30%. So, as the Judge in this case, how will you rule? What
options do you have in this case?
(Points : 30)