(TCO A, D & E) Sam Jones was a well know music teacher in his community.

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(TCO A, D & E)
Sam Jones was a well know music teacher in his community. A new,
private, school opened in his community, Word of life Christian School.
Sam was recruited to be their music teacher. Sam’s contract with the new
school provided a 20% bonus is his students won the state music
competition. The contract also provided that he was an “at will”
employee. Part way through the year the school instituted a new policy
of periodic reviews of employees which contained a procedure for
discipline with increasing penalties for repeated deficiencies including
termination for repeated offenses. One week before the end of the
school year and just before the State music competition (which Sam’s
students won) it was discovered that Sam was transgendered and that his
name was really Samantha. The school immediately fired Sam. Sam sues the
School for wrongful termination, discrimination and for recovery of his
bonus. What are Sam’s best arguments? What defenses can the school
(Points : 30)