Taft College Foot Locker Case Study

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I did a marketing plan draft already, my professor has asked for some changes. I am attaching what the final product is suppose to look like (an example) and what my draft looks like

My topic is Foot Locker

My professors suggestions:

Try to fit your plan into the sections that were asked for in the
assignment. Your company profile can be reduced somewhat as this
assignment is designed to be a presentation to the company’s marketing
people (or top management.) Take the first two sections and rewrite it
to be an Executive Summary of the profile and current market — and what
you’re going to cover in this plan. (Remember this is a plan designed
to be presented to the Marketing Department or to top management at the

Your situation analysis is great. You will need to add your TOWS to
the SWOT analysis and may want to use the same format as the SWOT &
TOWS assignment earlier in this course. The strategy outlined was very
good. Your support references were excellent additions.

You will need more detail on your creative images and messaging under the promotion aspects of the plan.

For your “controls/implementation” sections you may want you include a
calendar of events/tasks. You should also have a spreadsheet type
format for your financials. Your media plan could also be incorporated
into a spreadsheet for a year or longer.