Supplemental: How leaders develop – Short Answer

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NOTE: Review the ‘Discovering how leaders develop’ lecture from this week before answering the questions below. (I will attach the powerpoint that is needed).

Your post should be no less than one page (as measured by Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 12 point font.) You must answer all questions. When submitting a word doc you must provide a proper heading including your name, date, course title (LHRD 2723), and assignment.

How leaders develop

According to leadership research, individuals develop primarily through challenging work experiences. A general assumption regarding leader development is that the more challenging an experience is for individuals, the more developmental value that experience offers to individuals. However, do you think challenging experiences can actually hinder development? In other words, do you think too much challenge is bad for development? Provide a specific example and explain your reasoning. Feel free to draw on the real life leader examples that were mentioned in the lecture notes.