Submit Book Review Proposal: Professor recommend business majors consider selecting a book by a key leader of the IMF, World Trade Organization or the World Bank.

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Submit Book Review Proposal (DUE: 18 Jan 2020) 6 Days!


Students are to submit a description of their proposed Book Review to the instructor for approval. The book must be an autobiography or biography of a prominent leader of an international organization. Students may choose a book from the bibliography provided in Enclosure 1 of the course syllabus or select a book of your own choosing.

The submission consists of one written short answer paragraph from the student entered in the answer space provided below. If the proposal is approved, the instructor will award an “approved score of 100” to the exam. If the instructor awards a “disapproved score of zero (0),” then the proposal is disapproved and the student must resubmit a new proposal. Students should pay particular attention to the feedback comments provided by the instructor.


Write a brief paragraph that describes your proposed book review.

It is recommended that students select a book of interest and one that is related to your academic major. This is your opportunity to gain a broader perspective about some of the international aspects in your field of study.

Students can find suitable biographies and autobiographies listed in the bibliography provided at the end of the course syllabus. Students may also submit other biographies for approval as well.

My major is Business Administration/Human Resources

Professor recommend business majors consider selecting a book by a key leader of the IMF, World Trade Organization or the World Bank. This would expand his or her knowledge of business into the international field.

Book Review. One written book review of a book of your choice is required. The book review must be 3-5 pages in body length, double spaced, must include parenthetical author-date source citations and must include a reference or works cited page. The book selected must be an autobiography or biography of a prominent leader of an international organization. The instructor must approve your book selection. The topic outline for the book review is found in Enclosure 1 to the course syllabus. The grading rubric for the book review is found under the Evaluation & Rubric.

Enclosure 1

Topic Outline for the Book Review (IO) The following is a recommended topic outline for the student book review:

Enticement (Introduction) Paragraph: Provide a crisp, enticing summary of what the book is about in a few sentences.

Examination Pargraphs: Describe the book and its content in clear, objective terms in greater detail and its author.

Elucidation Paragraphs: Discuss the book’s value and contribution to political science and to comparative analysis of government in particular. Discuss what you learned from the book in terms of the process, function, policies and personalities of international organizations. In the case of an autobiography or a biography, describe the role, accomplishments and impact of the key character of the organization. Also include additional information on the author, his or her background, and intentions or goals for the book. Peer

Analysis Paragraphs: Provide and analysis of the comments of other academic reviewers, if there are any in print in professional journals. The purpose here is to review not only the critiques of the book and its content by government and academic professionals, but also to review the book’s reception in the professional community. It also allows you to comment on the credibility and accuracy of the book in the opinion of professionals knowledgeable in the subject. If there are no printed reviews of the book, you should provide a simple statement to that fact at the end of the preceding paragraph.

Evaluation Paragraphs: Tell the reader how well the book accomplishes the author’s intentions, based upon your personal evaluation. This is NOT what others think about the book; this is what you think about the book.

Discuss all of the following that apply:

 How important is the subject to the study of international organizations?

 How thorough is the author’s coverage of the subject?

 What are the strengths and limitations of the author’s discussions?

 What is the quality of the author’s writing? Is it clear, precise and interesting?

 Who should read the book? Who will enjoy or benefit from the book?

 What contribution does this book make to understanding international organizations and intercultural affairs?

Include a References, Works Cited or Bibliography page which lists all sources, reviews and citations in alphabetical order by authors (Scott, 2012).