SU Paula Plaintiff Really Bad Week Paula v Capstone Corporation Case Study

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Paula Plaintiff’s Really Bad Week, Part 2


In this assignment, you’ll need to decide whether Paula Plaintiff
has any legal claims arising from another series of unfortunate
events. After reading the scenario, answer the questions that follow,
making sure to fully explain the basis of your decision.

Paula’s bad luck continues. Five days after the events detailed in
your last assignment, Paula returns to work at Capstone Corporation.
Unfortunately, she used her company e-mail to send her mom a personal
note about her injuries, despite being aware that Capstone’s company
policy prohibits use of company e-mail for personal communication.
Paula’s supervisor, Mikey Manager, discovers Paula’s violation and Paula
is reprimanded. When Paula goes home, she uses her personal computer to
post disparaging comments about her boss and Capstone Corporation on
social media. The next day, Paula is fired from her job.

After several days of bad luck, Paula believes her luck is about to
change. She finds a new job in a nearby town. Paula had been using the
bus to go to work at Capstone Corporation, but she will need to purchase
a car to commute to her new job. Fortunately, her neighbor Freddy Ford
has just purchased a new vehicle and is selling his old Mustang. Paula
meets with Freddy and agrees to purchase the Mustang for $1000. The
parties also agree that Paula will bring Freddy the money the next day
when she picks up the car. The next day, Paula calls Freddy and says, “I
have the money. I’d like to come pick up my car.” Freddy replies that
Paula is too late. He sold the car earlier in the day.


1. introduction and conclusion

6–10 paragraph paper, answer the following questions:

  • Does Paula have any legal claims against Capstone Corporation?
    What about Paula’s actions? Does Paula have a contract with Freddy to
    purchase the car? Consider the following:

    • Does Paula have a right to privacy when using Capstone
      Corporation’s e-mail system? Discuss one’s right to privacy and relate
      it to the facts in the scenario.
    • Can Paula be legally fired from her job for making negative
      comments about her boss and her company on social media? What about free
      speech? Discuss these issues and relate them to the facts of the
    • Do Paula and Freddy have a contract for the sale of the Mustang?
      Discuss the elements of a contract and relate those elements to the
      facts of the scenario.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

. Please take advantage of this excellent legal resource!

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

  • Analyze constitutional issues based on the events in a given scenario.