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1- To show how you have developed knowledge, skills, and abilities in the following 3 ways:

Value Area: Discovery of Scholarship:

1. Academic Integrity: Take ownership one’s own scholarly work by honoring the rules and policies of the Pathway Program and George Mason

Value Area: Citizenship:

2. Community Building: Contributing to a multicultural, multilingual community through collaborative activities, events, and programs

Value Area: Self-Authorship: Students will demonstrate their growth in

3. Self-Management: Managing one’s self and the use of available campus resources in ways to be successful

Presentation ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: For each of the 3 ways listed above, discuss how you have grown during the past two semesters and provide 2 pieces of evidence or examples. Discuss each example/piece of evidence in one short paragraph to show that you have developed in the area described.

Look for evidence in all of the experiences you have had in the Pathway semester (e.g. orientation, classes, assignments, projects, field trips, Mason community events, visits with your peer advisor, tutor, faculty, academic advisor, or other offices on campus, just to name a few).

For each of the 3 ways, provide 2 artifacts to justify your examples. .  Overall, you will have 6 artifacts.  Artifacts can be photos, videos, internet links, assignments (papers, quizzes, essays, exams, screen captures, etc.). You will use Powerpoint to give your presentation 

2- Writtend Reflection Assignment and FORMAT:    Write a 1.5-page essay that answers the following questions:

A. Do you think you are ready to be a degree-seeking Mason student? Why?

B. How would your professors describe you as a student?

C. Discuss how your development as a student in the 3 value areas can be applied to your academic life  after the Pathway in order to be successful.

D. In what other ways do you still want to develop in order to be successful as a student?

Download your Powerpoint presentation to your computer, and then upload it into BlackBoard.  In the same submission, upload your essay.

this example for the presentation: