strategic management 59

Week 5: Organizing for Action; Staffing and Directing 


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  • Readings:
    • Text: Read Chapters 9 and 10
    • Instructor notes


  • Case Study #2.  Due to Dropbox by end of Week 5.  The case study:  “Chrysler in Trouble” Case 17, starting on page 17-1, will include a synopsis, resources (2), capabilities (2), and core competencies(2) and three findings of fact.  Each finding of fact will require a justified solution, each a minimum of one page each.  The student will support their recommended solutions with rational thought learned from the course material, other courses, and real-life experiences.  The paper will be double-spaced and will not exceed 10 pages in length.  The assignment will be placed in the D2L Dropbox.


  • Instructor will randomly assign students to their Strategic Audit Team.  The instructor will provide each team member with their teammates’ email and will open a chat room for each team to communicate