stat 500 week 5 topic 1 research hypothesis t test

I need this assignment completed by 11:59PM EST tonight, Friday June 14th.  The assignment is as follows:


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Create a research hypothesis in your area of study that would be answered using either an independent or dependent samples t testYour response must be in question/asnwer format so that it is clear exactly which question you are answering.  Complete sentences, grammar, etc. and APA intext citations are still required for your response to each question.

Your response should answer all of the following:

1. Introduction: Brief description of the study including the purpose and importance of the research question being asked.

2. What is the null hypothesis? What is the research hypothesis?

3. Participants/Sampling Method: Describe your sampling method. What is your sample size? Who is your population of interest? How representative is the sample of the population under study?

4. Data Analysis: Describe the statistical analysis. (HINT: This should either be an independent or dependent samples t test depending on your research question). What is your IV? What is your DV? What level of measurement are your IV and DV? What is your alpha level?

5. Results & Discussion: Did you reject the null hypothesis? What information did you use to lead you to your conclusion? Was your p value greater than or less than your alpha? NOTE: You can just make up numbers, but include your made-up p value.


“Should be easy enough to do for someone with a background working with numbers and knowing how to explain them.”