Speaking Out on Human Rights, assignment help

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  • Author: Eliadis, F. Pearl
  • Date: 2014
  • use this article to complete the assignment :Debating Canada’s Human Rights System

For Part II of the assignment, you are
required to answer the following essay question. The answer should be
approximately 3-4 paragraphs long. Your responses should be written in
complete sentences, free of spelling and grammatical errors. Please type
your essay in a Word document and then paste your essay below in the
space provided.

1. Step 3 of DECIDE is “Create message” and Step 5 is “Deliver
message.” Describe the decisions you made as you created create and
delivered your informative speech about how to prepare and present an
informative speech. Using key concepts from this lesson, specifically
address decisions you made to develop your main ideas so that you were
lively and spontaneous while still being prepared and not memorizing the
speech. Provide specific examples from your preparation and delivery.
the key concepts : for informative content in an informative speech would be considered excellent if relate old information to old information that audience already understand