socio political 0

What are the Socio Political Aspects of the Ocean Dumping Act 1972 USA (2 pages)

Ø  Who caused the problems?

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Ø  Who or what was affected?

Ø  Connections to local, state, national and global levels

Ø  Who are the stakeholders in this problem?

Ø  How do stakeholders interact among themselves and resources?


Policy and institutional Response to the Problem of Ocean dumping in the US (2 pages)

How did society address the problems involved and then the Act?

Other relevant regulations to ODA 1972 and new amendments

How did stakeholders participate in the formulation and implementation of the ODA 1972 and its future amendments?

Identify objectives of the policies as articulated in the legislation or Acts


Describe components – standards, permits, taxes, quotas, monitoring, enforcement and public participation.