Social Science data tables and questions

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Below is a
simple data matrix consisting of a sample of 10 persons

Gender    Race  Marital Status  age

 M                 W               S            20

  F                B                 M           35

  M               W                D           45

  M              W                S            29

  F              B                  S            32

  F               B                  M          45

  M             W                 M          50

  M             W                  D           60

  M            W                   D           55

  F            B                    S            90

1.  Construct a univariate table using gender and
calculate your percentages(5 points)

2.  Construct a bivariate table using gender and
race and calculate your percentages.(5 pts)

3.  Using the univariate table you created for
gender, calculate your sampling error and confidence level and fill in the
Babbie statement “based on a sample size of _____, this creates a sampling
error of _____ based on a ______confidence level.  Show your work (5 points)

4.  Find the mean, median, mode and range  for the ages– show your work.(5 points)