Social Media Marketing

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In this project,  You own a Social Media consulting company, and your company has been selected to work with a new Saudi B2C organization (business or non-profit) of your choice (select a business of any industry). 

Name : ( Diamond accessories store )

The selected business has decided to launch a New Product and Mobile App campaigns on social media. And they are planning to market and present their products or services on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, , TikTok

For this part of the assignment, you need to write a report that describe the following aspects of the business.

1.      Brief overview [Brand Summary & Social Media Accounts] [1.5 marks] 

§  Find new creative store/business name [Doesn’t exist]. 

§  Give a brief description about your company and the industry? 

§  Create proper social media accounts [such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat]. And provide screenshots of the accounts that you’ll use across all social platforms. 

§  Explain the competitive advantage to show how the company can realize significant gains by using SMM and what do you want to achieve with social media? 

2.      Audit your social media platforms performance [2 marks] 

  • §  After creating your social media accounts, share links with your colleagues on discussion board.

 §  All students are required to participate/engage [likes, comments, tags or share] and provide screenshots

§  Social media marketing statistics will give you the vision you need to improve your plan, check your account’s statistics [ex: Twitter analytics, Instagram Insights] and attach a screenshot to your report. 

§  After that, you must analyze the company’s use of the social media by examining their presence on the following social media platforms:     Metric   Sentiment   Reach   Company Posts   Feedback   Average response time to   feedback       Platform   1                   Platform   2                   Platform   3                Note: you can use any free online Sentiment Analysis tools to evaluate your social media presence. 

3.      Social media benchmarking [3.5 marks] 

§   Review the social media accounts of five local competitors and pay attention to their tone and personality and analyze your competition’s social media platforms. 

Base your analysis on what you’ve observed on your competitor’s social media accounts across all platforms.  For each competitor answer the following questions: 

  • §  How your competitors use each platform? 
  • §  What type of content are they posting? And social media platforms used? 
  • §  What content is getting the highest engagement [e.g. retweet, likes, comments]? 

§  How many followers do they have? 

  • §  How often do they post [daily, weekly, or monthly]? 
  • §  Do they respond to comments? And how? 

§  Are your competitors successful on these platforms?  Note: You can use any free online third-party platform for further analysis. 

§  After completing the benchmarking, think about the results and act accordingly, how can a benchmarking analysis help your business? 

§  Look at the data you’ve collected and identify the areas that need improvement (Explain)

4.      Define your social media marketing goals (based on launching a new Product and Mobile App campaigns) [1.5 marks]
 §  Based on the finding from your social media audit, write the goals and strategies section of your SMMP. 

§  How are you going to get people to engage with your business on social media? 

  • 5.      Research your target audience [1.5 mark] 

§  Research to determine the target audience of your business. 

  • §  Create three marketing personas that represent the organization’s target audience. 

§  Which platforms might best help you achieve your goals? [Select at least 4 platforms].