Social Entrepreneurship and Development

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  • How did newly independent nations define and pursue development from the 1950s onward? What were the benefits and drawbacks of these strategies? How does the social entrepreneurship movement mark a different approach to the idea and practice of development?
  • Two examples of social entrepreneurships that offer opportunities to people who make less than $2 a day are Supply Hope, a nonprofit that coaches women in Nicaragua to open small neighborhood grocery stores under the “Mercado Fresco” brand, and Oliberté, a for-profit Canadian shoe company whose products are made entirely in Africa. Use the following links to inform yourself about both. Then, choose ONE to write about in your essay. In what way does it offer an innovative and sustainable solution to an existing need or problem? What important development priority or goal does it work towards?

Mercado Fresco:

Oliberté: “All about Oliberté.”